Welcome to Ørsted Innovation

Our goal is to create a world that runs entirely on green energy through continued, rapid, and collaborative innovation.

As a pioneer in renewable energy, we are harnessing innovation to build the renewable energy system of the future.

To drive impactful and lasting innovation, we must continue to collaborate with cutting-edge companies, research entities, and start-ups within renewable energy and related sectors.

Explore the partnership opportunities below and find out how your idea can contribute towards the renewable energy transition.

Research & Development

Ørsted R&D fosters a collaborative environment for projects that aim to shape the future of green energy through research and technology development.

To drive sustainable progress, we always welcome collaboration proposals within R&D and knowledge generation, as well as proposals seeking public funding. If you have an idea for a R&D project that you would like Ørsted to participate in, please submit your proposal in the form below!

Examples of projects to be submitted through this form include Research Consortiums, Joint Industry Projects, Ph-Ds and more.

Open Innovation

Ørsted Open Innovation is a team focused on fostering collaboration with external innovation ecosystems around the globe.

We offer tailor-made support to accelerate innovation journeys, providing access to a global network of internal and external experts in green energy, diverse green energy assets (onshore wind, solar, storage, green fuel facilities, and the world’s largest fleet of offshore wind farms), extensive data resources, capital for co-financing and investment, and a track record of adopting cutting-edge innovations globally.

Open Innovation also operates Innovation Hubs in various locations including the US, UK, Ireland and The Netherlands, ) serving as open spaces for collaboration with innovators and strengthening local engagement with external innovation ecosystems.

From accelerating up-and-coming green businesses to funding pilot projects, here are some recent examples of our work.

Get in touch with the Open innovation team here.

Ørsted Ventures

Ørsted Ventures is an early stage, patient capital fund designed to help the next generation of climate entrepreneurs on their journey to advance a green energy future.

We want to partner with talented founders, entrepreneurs and digital disruptors to accelerate the discovery, adoption and rollout of solutions to the climate crisis, from flexibility solutions to offtake and industry enablement.

Get in touch with Ørsted Ventures using the form below.

Student Activities

We believe in promoting practical learning experiences for students through internships, thesis projects, and collaborative ventures.

Student activities at Ørsted provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, gaining valuable skills and insights.

Collaboration examples include thesis (BSc, MSc), internships, project collaboration and more.

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Innovation is key to creating a world that runs entirely on green energy

To achieve a future where 100% of the global energy supply comes from renewable sources, we must radically transform the global energy system. This includes deploying existing solutions rapidly while investing in innovative technologies that can help accelerate the net-zero transition. At Ørsted, we are harnessing innovation to build the global energy system of the future.

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All requests will be thoroughly considered, and you can anticipate a thoughtful response within approximately 20 working days. Regrettably, we are unable to expedite responses beyond this timeframe. Should your proposals involve technologies or products already commercially available or not necessitating further development, we kindly direct you to our Procurement team using the supplier registration form. Your cooperation is pivotal in propelling the future of sustainable energy solutions.

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